5 Interesting Things to Do During Lockdown – COVID-19 Pandemic

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Whole Country is going through a crucial time and Government of India is advising people to Stay at Home to be safe amid Corona Outbreak. Keeping all the precautions and following up government advisories people are trying to find new ways to divert their attention and keep themselves at home during COVID-19 Outbreak. Here we brought up some fresh ideas which can help you to pass the time.

Things to Do Amid Home Isolation or Lockdown- Corona Virus

Learn Creative and New Things- Meanwhile the Corona Outbreak instead of going out you can learn new and creative things. This will help you to be at home safely. As this is the only way till now to get out safely from this epidemic.

Online Web Series- Nowadays Netflix, Amazon Prime, Voot and other platforms are telecasting Online web serieses which have already looted people attentions. You can pass your time by watching them also online. Here is a list of popular online web serieses you can watch if you have missed earlier-

  • ASUR

Interesting Things to Do During Lockdown – COVID-19 Pandemic

Watch Old Popular TV Serials- As per the news some of the entertainment channels are going to telecast all time popular TV Serials in this Lockdown Period of COVID-19. The news in the air -DD National is planning to telecast RAMAYANA and MAHABHARAT again for the viewers.

Know Your Religion- This is the best time you can give to know your religion. You can read religious books in this period. This will help in your spiritual growth and will also make positive to you.

Yoga Yoga can be a best way to give all time inner strength to you. This will also help to fight against Corona Virus and will improve your immunity.

In the end we request all of you now to go out and only stay at home till we come out of this epidemic of COVID-19 Outbreak. Also Follow up all the advisories of Government of India and State Governments. 

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