COVID Vaccination 2nd Dose Online Slot Booking- Vaccine 2nd Dose Registration at CoWin, Aarogya Setu

How you can make Covid Vaccination 2nd Dose Slot Booking Online – Process of COVID Vaccine 2nd Dose Online Registration at CoWin Portal & Aarogya Setu App 

Earlier we stated about Covid 1st Dose of vaccination. Now, who got shot of 1st dose of COVID vaccine through Cowin portal or Aarogya Setu app, are waiting for their next turn. We hope you all are safe and ready with the first dose. Let’s have some words of COVID Vaccination 2nd Dose Online Slot Booking and Registration 2021.

COVID Vaccination 2nd Dose Slot Booking Online Registration Process at Aarogya Setu, CoWin

The two different government apps or website is useful for everyone- Cowin Portal and Aarogya Setu App. Using these apps, you can look at the number of cases, their recovery and also about the Vaccination. You all can check these two apps or site for Covid vaccine 2nd Dose Registration. This is for those who are 18+ and done with the first dose. So anyone who are between 18 to 44 can move ahead with it.

CoWin COVID Vaccine Registration Online

Here, you will get every answer of your question. Know how to book slot for 2nd Dose COVID Vaccine?  If you are eligible or not? What if you get infected after vaccination? Not only this, it will also help you to know about the COVID 1st dose. Additionally, it will lighten up the procedure to book slot timing for Covid Vaccine 2nd Dose. It’s only possible if you already took your COVID Vaccine 1st Dose. Thus, scroll down and know more!

Online Booking Covid Vaccine 2nd Dose Online Registration through Aarogya Setu App

During first dose itself we informed you about the official sites where you will get the complete information of the covid vaccine and book your slot of COVID Vaccination. This was mainly for the people above 18 years of age and below 45 years. So, now we’re here again for the COVID Vaccination 2nd dose Registration or Slot Booking Information. As we are known of different vaccines namely Covaxin, Covishield & now comes Sputnik V too soon are available in India .

COVID Vaccine Tracker Apps 

Talking about Aarogya Setu App, it’s the first Indian Govt designed app to keep a track of covid cases. Therefore, it was made mandatory. Along with the track of cases, it will help you with the COVID Vaccine 1st and 2nd Dose Online Slot Booking. Here is the procedure given, which will help you with the COVID Vaccination 2nd Dose Registration online at Aarogya Setu app.

  1. Download the app ‘Aarogya Setu App’ from the Google Play store first.
  2. Register on the App by adding Mobile number and other details.
  3. Check the availability of slot timing of different dates in the nearest vaccination center of your locality.
  4. Next register for the COVID 2nd dose of vaccination slot in the same manner as you have done for the 1st
  5. In the same way, book slots for your family members too from the same account.

Covid Vaccination 2nd Dose Registration Procedure Online or Cowin Portal

The stated below steps has been defined to book slot for your COVID Vaccine 2nd Dose. It is a kind of your responsibility that you don’t neglect it, as it’s important as air for you all. It will help you to fight this “Jung of Corona”. So, make sure you have both the vaccination on time. The chances reduces to 99% that anybody getting vaccinated wouldn’t get infected, however that doesn’t mean at all you stop taking safety measures. So please be aware, and make others aware too!

How to Find Nearby COVID Vaccination Centres on Whatsapp

Use the given steps and book your slot for 2nd dose of Covid 19 Vaccination through CoWin web portal –

  • First of all download CoWin App from Google Play store of your phone.
  • Open it and add your mobile number. An OTP will be generated. Verify your mobile number with the OTP sent.
  • Tap on the Vaccination Tab.
  • Fill up your details – age and check the availability of slot at the nearest vaccination center.
  • Book the slot for 2nd dose as you did earlier for booking the slot timing for 1st dose of vaccination.

Should you go for COVID Vaccination 2nd Dose if you’re infected with Corona Virus After 1st Dose of Vaccine?

Although there is no chance of getting infected after having vaccine. Still, many of us have a query or doubt in our mind. What if a person get infected after 1st dose of Covid vaccination? Yes, this can happen. There are some cases where people can be affected after Covid first dose vaccine and such cases are very few in numbers.

Rajasthan COVID Vaccine On the Spot Registration- 18 Plus Age Group

However, if any of you are infected after 1st dose, it will be suggested you to wait for 6-8 weeks to get the 2nd dose of Vaccination. During this period you’ll recover and then you’re fit for the next dose.

Kindly make sure you all have both dose of vaccination. Your responsibility will make all the citizen able to fight with such pandemic together. Stay Home, Stay safe and follow the precautions as much as you can!

COWIN Portal Link- Click Here 

Aarogya Setu Portal Link- Click Here

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