Kundali Bhagya 8 April 2021 Written Episode Update (8/04/2021)

8/04/2021 Kundali Bhagya Latest Episode Update- Episode begins with Preeta inquires Waiter about CCTV room of a hotel. Waiter refuse to tell her stating she can ask about it to Manager. Kritika comes there and says to Waiter she joined today only as hotel incharge and asks him around CCTV room of a hotel saying she want to inspect something. Waiter takes her into CCTV area of a resort. Preeta follows .

Prithvi disguises himself as a woman and comes out of the area and asks Sherlyn that how he is looking. She says she’ll wait for him at the corridor just and informs him to focus on his work. She inquires does he recall what he must do. He says to Sherlyn he remember he must delete the CCTV footage of last 3 days.

Kundali Bhagya Zee TV Latest 8 April 2021 Episode Update

Hotel manager Manish informs Police he checked the CCTV footage but found nothing suspicious and requires them to CCTV area of a hotel. Prithvi enters the CCTV room. Hotel staff says she’s not allowed to go into there and tells her to head out otherwise he must telephone the Manager. Prithvi tries to give him bribe. Keep reading Kundali Bhagya Latest Episode Written Update Below-

Kundali Bhagya 8 April 2021 Written Episode Update

Sherlyn believes she doesn’t desire Police to find any evidence against Prithvi that’s why she followed him to help and she already found one evidence that can prove that Prithvi is Akshay’s murderer. Preeta notices CCTV footage room and educates about it to Kritika saying appears like Waiter supposes them.

Latest Episode Kundali Bhagya 8/04/2021 Written Update

Prithvi asks Hotel staff to delete the CCTV footage of past 3 days. Hotel employees press the alarm button and locks the door saying now Police will deal with Prithvi. Police and Manish runs towards CCTV footage space. Preeta comes there and asks Hotel staff about alert noise. Hotel staff proceeds to bring law enforcement.

Prithvi deletes the escapes and footage from that point. Preeta learns that already someone deleted the footage. Hotel staff informs everything to Police. Waiter informs Authorities about Preeta and Kritika. Preeta says to Kritika that someone already deleted the CCTV footage. Kritika sees Sherlyn at the hotel and informs about it to Preeta.

Kundali Bhagya New Episode Written Update 8 April 2021

Preeta asks Kritika to not tell the truth to anybody. She says She does not even know she is accountable for Akshay’s death or not and states she certainly does not need Kritika to confront any issue. Kritika says it had been Akshay who mishaved with Preeta so Preeta struck him in self defense. Preeta states nobody needs to know that Kritika is included in Akshay’s murder case. Preeta says if Sherlyn is at the hotel then she’s some connection in Akshay’s murder case.

Sherlyn claims to Prithvi that she saw Kritika in the resort. One Hotel staff tells Vijay that two individuals came to meet Akshay. Vijay shows two Images to him and asks who came to meet Akshay. Hotel staff points in one Picture stating he saw that individual. Vijay says he also suspected this Individual only. Preeta and Kritika searches Sherlyn in the house and finds her in the kitchen.

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