Rajasthan All Covid Related Information 2021 Logon {covidinfo.rajasthan.gov.in} Find Oxygen Beds, Ventilators, ICU Hospitals

Rajasthan covid Related Information- logon to state Run web portal covidinfo.rajasthan.gov.in| Covid 19 data- Know available beds, oxygen, ventilators and ICU beds information

State government of Rajasthan has started providing information related to covid details i.e. Oxygen Beds, Ventilators, ICU Beds Hospitals  on its website at covidinfo.rajasthan.gov.in. Any person who wanted to know about the number of general beds, oxygen beds with ventilators or without ventilators, ICU beds in any districts they can visit this portal also to gather the information hospital wise/ district wise too. It is going to furnish people with helpline numbers and control number too. Here on this page we have shared information about the Rajasthan State Government official portal of Rajasthan Covid-19 Oxygen Beds, Ventilators, ICU Beds, Hospitals etc.

covidinfo.rajasthan.gov.in Rajasthan Covid-19 Oxygen Beds, Ventilators, ICU Beds, Hospitals information 2021

The second wave of coronavirus has created a deadly frightening situation all over India. It is affecting people badly. They’re in need of medicines, oxygen, ICU beds, and ventilators. People are getting infected on a large scale. They’re facing shortage of everything. To make it an ease and available for people, Rajasthan  govt took this great step by launching a web portal to access all COVID related information. Now it’ll make the public untroubled while looking for the beds or oxygen at the time of emergency.

राजस्थान चिकित्सा मंत्री हेल्प डेस्क कोविड 19 नंबर (कण्ट्रोल रूम)

Covid 19 Bed, Hospitals, ICU, Ventilators Details on Rajasthan COVID web portal at covidinfo.rajasthan.gov.in

State Rajasthan
Official Web Portal covidinfo.rajasthan.gov.in
Contains COVID 19 related Information
Data collection General Beds

ICU Beds

Oxygen Beds


Information Districts & Hospital wise
Contact Details of Control  Room Number

Hospital  contact no.

Corona Helpdesk no.

राजस्थान मुख्यमंत्री चिरंजीवी स्वास्थ्य बीमा योजना

Rajasthan Covid 19 Data & Facts- collect @covidinfo.rajasthan.gov.in

The state Run web portal of Rajasthan govt is being updated on the daily basis. It shows the detailed State COVID 19 Hospital Bed status. Here, the list has been prepared district wise in the tabular format, containing numerical facts of general  beds, oxygen beds, ICU beds with/ without ventilators. Number of total, obtained and available beds are denoted there. District control room number is also mentioned  there. The Home page of the portal will look somehow like this:-

  1. State COVID 19 Hospital Bed Status
  2. Covid 19 Hospital wise Bed Position- Whole Rajasthan
  3. Lockdown Dishanirdesh
  4. Covid 19 Status

You would be happier to know that, the portal not only give information district wise. They also contain hospital wise details along with the name and their helpline number.

The web portal is too useful for the people residing at Rajasthan. They can keep an eye on the web portal to be updated. This would be proved useful at the time of emergency. The third bar contains Lockdown Disha nirdesh, where the recent and updated guidelines  are being updated by the govt with regard to lockdown. You must know all about this. Total number of infected, recovered, died and discharged people are refurbished on daily basis.

Know Rajasthan COVID 19 Hospital Beds, Ventilators Status

Meanwhile this covid 19, this step taken by State govt is creditable. The public will get the information soon whenever needed. This will save many people’s lives and time. Still the guidelines  suggest people to follow the rules. People are the key factors who can block this infection chain. It’s a humble request  to everyone to stay at home, wearing mask properly, and help each others. Eat healthy, so yoga and some exercises too.

I’m sure you all will be beneficiary of this Rajasthan All Covid Related Information web portal. You guys can visit it anytime and keep your eye on it. The vaccination program is also on. So let’s fight together!

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