“BINOD BINOD BINOD” – Who is Binod & Why is He in trend -Know Everything here!

You must be scrolling down your phone, and heard about the BINOD meme on every social sites, whether it’s twitter, watsapp, or any other. You guys must be shocked initially as if Who is BINOD and why is he trending everywhere. Don’t worry friends, its not just you, everyone is puzzled about it! So, let’s know about Binod and this #Binod meme

Why BINOD is viral everywhere?

All the drama and scene started through a YouTube Channel, Slay Point. It’s July 15 when the creators of Slay Point; Abhyudaya and Gautami Kawale, released a video roasting the comments section of Indian YouTube videos, which are mostly illogical and senseless.

The video aims at showing the preposterous and sophistic comments of Indian Youtubers. The video released with the title “Why Indian Comments Section is Garbage (BINOD)”, where Slay Points shared some useless comments of their subscribers they used to receive. And there was the strangest one, which was highlighted by them. A comment among them was by the user Binod Tharu, who simply commented his name “Binod’ in the comment section. The most astounding of it was, the comment got seven likes too!

Who is Binod in Reality – Aakhir ye Binod hai kaun?

Actually, this #Binod is Mr. Binod Thakur, who is a YouTube user. His account is named as ‘Binod Tharu’. There is no videos on his account as he is not too active over there. However, you’ll find him in the comment section everywhere with comment ‘Binod’.

जानिये कौन है #Binod हिंदी में

Who is Binod

Why is BINOD trending?

This is how a single video kicked off the #Binod meme, which became a brand for now a days. It is so viral and trending, that after original video, for every question, there is only one answer- Binod. This became so popular is such a short while, that from Mumbai Police to famous brand like Paytm, Twitter, Swiggy, Amazon Prime, Tinder etc. relished this #Binod meme. Just look at some trending BINOD memes on Twitter :-

Mumbai Police : Dear #binod , we hope your name is not your online password. It’s pretty viral, change it now! #OnlineSafety

Amazon Prime Video : everyone is binod, everything is binod

Tinder : Update – Binod just matched with Binodini

Paytm : There was an account name GabbarSingh, commented as ‘@Paytm Can you change your name to Binod? Be a sport. C’mon.’

That’s how the #BINOD memes are viral and on trend. You guys can see how such a big brands joined this juggernaut and enjoyed  the moment for a short while. Not only the above brands, but Netflix and Airtel also didn’t lagged behind. For few days everyone used this meme and make themselves trending.

To know more about BINOD memes, Slay Point and trending updates, you can join us. We’ll update you and provide you the latest snappy news. Till the time enjoy BINOD 🙂

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